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Webinar: Gérer les accès & l'authentification

Découvrez en 45 minutes une solution qui permet de répondre efficacement aux problématiques d'authentification et de gestion des mots de passe, et posez toutes vos questions à nos spécialistes

What IT security risks are SMEs facing?

How much are SMEs exposed to cyber attacks? How can they protect themselves? The CVCI put the question to our technical manager, Patrick Zwahlen.

IT Security Awareness

Your users are central to your company's IT security. DiagnoPhish trains them to recognise IT risks!

How? Watch the video Try it with a test account!
Managed Canary Service

Managed Canary Service

Detect attackers before they harm your systems with our hassle-free and affordable service.


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Phishing with Santa

Santa's delivery service is used to illustrate some common phishing methods.

O365 add-ons seen by Navixia's RedTeam

Office/Microsoft 365 add-ons provide useful practical features and a great deal of flexibility. But what's their impact on IT security? (article in French)

App SwissCovid: sûre ou pas?

L'app suisse de traçage des contacts à risque de transmission du COVID-19 est-celle sûre? Notre analyse.