Solutions & Services

Navixia provides technical solutions and advisory services. We identify your business critical assets, analyse your security vulnerabilities, measure the risk and find the solution best adapted to secure your environment.

Core Security

Handles all components that form the essential basis of your company's IT security

The building blocks which support your whole IT infrastructure's security are so necessary that they are often implemented as a matter of course. Firewalls, security policies, logs… etc., are required as a solid foundation, on which all further security solutions can be added. Even so, their proper implementation and deployment should be performed with the utmost care. They should also take the evolution of company requirements into account. Rely on our experience!

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Authentication & Privileged Access Mgmt

Specifically secures privileged users accounts to make sure they are protected from attacks and only used for legitimate purposes.

IT system administrators typically have privileged internal or external user accounts which allow them extended access rights and permissions. These accounts, if compromised, can cause a lot of damage in the organisation's IT infrastructure. They are therefore a target of choice for attackers and must be carefully protected. We help you achieve this by securing the appropriate key elements in your infrastructure. Get in touch!

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Data Security

Protects company data against theft or any form of unwanted access, within the network or on mobile supports

Losing sensitive data can prove critical, both in terms of business exposure and of reputation. A key aspect of security is therefore to make sure that data cannot become accessible to undesirable persons and remains safe at all times, within the corporate network or on mobile devices. Encryption or Data Leak Prevention (DLP) are proven methods to improve data security, but a number of other approaches can prove effective as well, depending on your company’s specific situation. Let us advise you!

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eGRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance)

Helps achieve compliance with IT risk regulations

A combination of Governance-Risk-Compliance make it possible to ascertain on a continuous basis that your organisation is adequately protected and complies with current risk regulations. Your company gets a better understanding of its IT risk position, which you can monitor and control in real-time. You can identify the high-priority risk areas in your company and implement adequate solutions. You can control the risk exposure of your IT architecture and follow it up on a dashboard. And most importantly, you can adapt your strategy and protection accordingly. This provides your company with a permanent IT risk supervision, supported by our highly experienced security specialists.

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Support Center

Navixia's Support Center provides you with useful tools to maintain your installed base, either by yourself or with our assistance, remotely or on site

Our team of experts is at your disposal to help you solve any security-related problems you might encounter in your daily activities.

Depending on your requirements, we offer various levels of hardware and/or software support for each element of your installed base. Relying on Navixia for maintenance has the added advantage of providing you with a single point of contact for the support of your IT security as a whole.

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