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Based on Thinkst Canaries, which allow you to easily detect attackers before they harm your systems, Navixia offers an all-in-one service that provides and manages your Canary for you. This is an easy and affordable way to stay safe!

What is Thinkst Canary?

Most companies discover they have been breached months after the event. Thinkst Canary is a physical or virtual device designed by South African security specialist Thinkst. It warns the admin that an intruder has gained access to the IT infrastructure and reduces the time needed to identify a breach.

Thinkst Canaries have been designed with total simplicity in mind to detect attackers as soon as they start prowling your infrastructure.
Canaries can be set up in minutes. They are non-intrusive, can be configured to mimic almost any type of device in any configuration and are dropped at strategic locations in your network.

Then, they sit there quietly. An alert is triggered as soon as they register an interaction. No intruder stays unnoticed. Apart from alerts, you get a periodical summary report about the Canaries' health status.


Why a Managed Service ?

Thinkst provides Canaries in flocks, priced at a yearly rate.
While this is suitable for many companies, smaller IT infrastructures might want to start off more lightly.

Our service is aimed at all those who wish to benefit from the comfort and security provided by Canaries, or just try them on a small scale, without handling their console and events management themselves.

How does Navixia come into this?

We have known and liked Thinkst for years. They design beautifully thought-out, yet simple solutions, which is why we are happy to make their Canaries accessible to all. To that end, we operate a flock console to manage your Canaries and report their findings to you.

What does the service offer?

  • Initial discussion Together, we evaluate your requirements and define where the Canary or Canaries you need should be placed and what service they should mimic.

  • Immediate notifications in case of events Any interaction with a Canary triggers an immediate alert, which is sent out to you.

  • Regular summary reports No alert? Regular summaries let you have the status of your birds, so that you are reassured they are awake and watching.

  • A yearly assessment meeting At the end of the subscription year, we summarise findings and reassess the Canaries' placement.

How much does it cost?

It is most affordable!
You get your managed Canary, including all above services for a flat annual fee equivalent to the cost of a day of service by a security engineer.