DiagnoPhish, IT Security Awareness

Improve IT security in your company! Train your users to understand risks and resist phishing.

Whenever Navixia's security specialists perform penetration tests or IT security assessments for organisations, they notice that IT users misunderstand the same kind of security issues, putting themselves and their organisations at risk. To address this, Navixia has developed DiagnoPhish, the IT security awareness platform. It reflects our real-life perception of risks/threats in Switzerland and Europe and teaches IT users how to concretely deflect threats.

Efficient learning tool

IT users are faced with security challenges:

  • Pseudo-phishing campaigns
  • Security awareness quizzes on specific security issues.
  • Video trainings on key security topics

Challenges only take a few minutes at a time and users can complete them from their workstations or mobile devices.

 Download the DiagnoPhish datasheet  or   Watch the video

Easy monitoring and remediation

You can monitor the users' progress over time by yourself and devise corrective actions on a person-by-person basis whenever needed - or we can do it for you if you like.

Punctual or sustained use

DiagnoPhish is useful on several levels, which can be combined for maximum effect.

  • One-shot operations enable you to: 
    • precisely evaluate the organisation's security posture at a specific point in time
    • train users on a specific subject
    • evaluate a new employee's knowledge of security
  • Sustained training: 
    • because it takes at least 21 days to change one's habits, DiagnoPhish proposes endurance awareness missions called IT Security Trails. Users are confronted at random intervals with meaningful security-related challenges. Staying on alert for a longer period of time improves their awareness of security risks lastingly.

Flexible and cost effective

It takes only a few minutes to design and launch a campaign. 

DiagnoPhish proposes ready-made trainings – but you can also create your own from the many available challenges.

Campaigns can be managed and monitored by you without external intervention – or we can do this for you. In all cases at a very affordable price!


Users are awarded points when they complete events. The more proactive they are, the more their scores increase. For added motivation, they can track their results on their personal dashboards.

Swiss security standards

DiagnoPhish is developed and hosted in Switzerland and provides the highest security standards of data protection.

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