Email archiving


Why is email archiving useful?

Under Swiss law, the retention and archiving of certain business documents is mandatory. However, today, such business information often transits via e-mail.

The way e-mails are stored can therefore have important legal implications. It may for example be necessary to produce certified, time-stamped original copies of specific emails to prove their authenticity. E-mail archiving makes this possible.

What does it do?

While a backup only stores data temporarily, email archiving guarantees secure long-term retention together with fast search and retrieval processes.

Cryoserver, a good solution

Navixia has analysed what the market has to offer and recommends the Cryoserver email archiving solution because of its many functional advantages:

  • secure long-term storage of original time-stamped and certified data, even if the mail server has been compromised; fast and efficient search function
  • logging of the archiving protocol, including reason for subsequent access
  • Easy transition from on-premises to cloud archiving and vice versa
  • Easy migration to Microsoft 365; savings on Microsoft subscription fees thanks to archiving
  • Personal emails management system, which enables RGPD / LPD compliance
  • massive reduction of data volumes in email servers and, consequently, in their backups

Want to know more?

We are at your disposal for more details and a personal offer, without any obligation on your part.


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