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Why not take advantage of the new year to enlarge or refresh your security expertise in specific subjects? We propose the following courses:

Working efficiently with Check Point R80.xx

Make the most of the latest Check Point's platform's new features when integrating them into your infrastructure! A condensed 2-day training course which is a great timesaver.

  • When: Tue/Wed 24-25 March 2020
  • Where: Navixia's training centre in Ecublens/Lausanne

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Secure DevOps for developers

Developers and software engineers, this course is what you need: it will improve your understanding of operational IT security and teach you to code safer applications.

  • When: Tue/Wed 11-12 March 2020
  • Where: Navixia's training centre in Ecublens/Lausanne

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Security Awareness classes

IT users are an easier target for hackers than well protected elements of the IT infrastructure and they are their most frequent target. Training users to understand et resist security risks is therefore essential.

Pragmatic, full of useful tips and based on our instructors' field knowledge, each class is tailored to your company’s specific needs. It very concretely shows, with many examples and in a language that users can understand, the risks related to an inadequate use of communication systems in daily activities - and how they can be avoided. The course is designed to awaken the interest of any corporate IT system user, whatever their expertise.

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DiagnoPhish self awareness

DiagnoPhish, our Swiss security awareness tool, enables you to raise user awareness, teach employees to deflect threats, monitor their progress over time and take corrective action where necessary. This will ensure vastly improved overall security.
No need to upset everyone's working schedule to make sure they can attend a class-type awareness session: DiagnoPhish activities take only a few minutes at a time and users can complete them from their own fixed or mobile workstations. Contents are available in French, English and German.

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