Patrick Zwahlen to become new CEO of Navixia

Navixia News

As of 1 January 2022, Patrick Zwahlen, founding partner and current technical manager of Navixia, will take over the management of the company from Claude Krähenbühl. Claude, also a founding partner, is thus continuing the transition in view of his future retirement. He has been the Managing Director of Navixia since its inception in 2005 and will remain active in the company.

A seamless transition

This transition at the helm of Navixia will take place seamlessly since Patrick Zwahlen, 47, has been part of the company's development since from the beginning in 2005. He holds a master's degree in communication systems from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and has more than twenty years' experience in the field of information security.

Until now, Patrick Zwahlen was in charge of Navixia's technical team and a member of its board of directors. For many years, he has played a key operational role in all aspects of the company's technological strategy. He will take over the management of Navixia in addition to these responsibilities, and will also continue being a consultant to selected customers.

Navixia's values unchanged

Claude Krähenbühl will retain his seat on the company's board of directors and will continue to manage supplier and customer relationships as before. He says: "After 16 years at the helm of Navixia, I have chosen with complete confidence to hand over this responsibility. I am proud to have nurtured over the years the company we founded with a small group of partners, and contributed to its evolution and success."

Patrick Zwahlen comments: "Navixia's DNA will remain the same. Our trademark, which I consider essential, is our passion for IT security, which has remained unchanged for 16 years, the quality of our know-how, the cohesion of our team and the good relations we enjoy with our customers and suppliers. In the future, we will continue to pay the same attention to our technological development and to value the quality of personal interactions. Our customers will be able to rely on us exactly as before."