Netskope, Navixia's new security partner

Navixia News

Zero Trust has become a key concept, and Navixia has always been committed to implementing new approaches to IT security.

In this context, we see that secure access to company resources from wherever users are located is a real challenge for our customers.

We are happy to propose the solution Netskope to address this important issue.

Netskope is a cloud service to which you can redirect specific flows from your client workstations and servers. This service unifies data access mechanisms, authentication methods and security controls for all your users and applications, regardless of their geographical location.

This secure access layer makes it possible to reach both cloud and local applications, offering an alternative to traditional VPN infrastructures.

Netskope operates its own global network and has points of presence in Switzerland, guaranteeing optimum performance.

We would be delighted to talk to you about this solution and show you how it works in our environment.