Illumio, new security partner for Navixia

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Zero Trust has become a buzzword, and Navixia has always been committed to implementing new approaches to IT security.

In this context, we see network micro-segmentation as a concrete solution to the exponential increase in bandwidth and complexity of our customers' environments.

The micro-segmentation solution offered by Illumio therefore meets a very real requirement.

Illumio takes the form of a lightweight agent that can be installed on your servers and client workstations. A management platform, which can be located in the cloud or in your own environment, enables you to configure this agent and control the local firewall of all your systems in a very simple and intuitive way.

This approach, which builds on the existing functionality of your installed base, guarantees performance and provides excellent visibility of your application flows. The management console is used to apply security policies to isolate individual elements, protecting the most critical parts of your infrastructure.

Finally, in the event of a security incident, Illumio will greatly facilitate the containment phase of compromised elements.

We would be delighted to talk to you about it and show you how it works in our environment.

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