Infrastructure Security Training


Learn to fight the hackers and protect your IT network!

Navixia is proud to present one of SensePost’s internationally recognized high-end Information security training courses designed to teach you how to better enforce network security in and around your company.


Thu April 26 – Fri April 27, 2018 (2 days)

This new course looks at the methods and approaches one would take when performing internal and external network penetration tests. In your own fully functional lab, your aim will be to think like a hacker and map out your target, find weaknesses and fully exploit trust relationships in place. Using scenarios along with presentations, this course is a healthy mix of thinking, strategies and methodologies.

Security specialist company SensePost is one of Black Hat Briefings’ longstanding training partners. Over the years, they have taught thousands of students about the art of offensive and defensive approaches. They have long been a trusted partner of Navixia.