Comments from past participants - SecDev


Here is a selection of comments from past participants. Why not add yours?

  • A rich, balanced (not too easy, not too difficult) and interesting training about app security
  • Every backend or frontend developers should learn about security
  • Perfectly aligned to the security challenges we have to tackle as an editor of web applications.
  • For security: all dev should go, for attackers keep dev far away
  • I liked the exercises, it was very interesting to experiment on what we had seen in the lesson
  • Very good instructors
  • A complete overview of security of web application
  • Demystified web application security
  • Structured approach. All common exploits are explained and illustrated hands-on
  • Nicely introduced and explained a rather technical aspect of information security based on first-hand knowledge
  • Good introductory course to common web application vulnerabilities
  • Discovered the concepts of hacking and how to resolve it
  • It was very interesting and practical
  • The course was really interesting and inspired me
  • Very professional
  • I liked the overview of potential ways to retrieve sensitive data.
  • I enjoyed understanding the threats and tools available
  • Awesome!
  • Good balance between theoretical and practical tasks
  • Perfect. Totally adequate!