Solution & croissants: State of the Union of the web proxy

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Discover a performant security solution while sharing coffee and croissants at our upcoming event:

"State of the Union" of the web proxy (in French)

The web proxy has long been a stepping stone of the network's security architecture but it is now challenged with new risks and constraints. As most of the traffic is now encrypted, the proxy must adapt to stay efficient. Besides, widespread cloud access has also modified the way a user accesses IT resources when on the go and a proxy can no longer protect him efficiently in such conditions.

However, there is a simple solution.

We have identified a performant alternative to the traditional proxy: Cisco System's cloud-based security platform Umbrella, which affords an excellent level of protection in all circumstances. We would like to show it to you.

We will start by presenting what challenges a traditional web proxy must meet today. We will then explain why Umbrella provides an efficient alternative and how it integrates into an existing environment.

A Cisco Systems' representative will then demonstrate concrete applications for Umbrella and its advanced extensions (Talos, Investigate, AMP). He will also share his experience about the various deployment methods.

Four different dates and locations. All events are taking place in French.


Mail us at with your personal details, and please don't forget to specify at which location you would like to attend.
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