Bored with information security?

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As part of their joint security awareness campaign aimed at the general public, the Fédération romande des consommateurs (FRC) and Navixia aim to point out the dangers of the internet and teach everyone how to avoid them. The operation combines information articles and fun security quizzes.

Topic of the month: Computer security: security gestures in our daily life

Some websites, applications or networks repeatedly require us to perform simple actions related to security. We comply mechanically, without thinking twice about it, because we want to access the proposed service. Still, all these precautions get boring over time. But maybe we don't understand how meaningful they really are... Or do we?

Read the article "Mots de passe et sécurité informatique: restez vigilant" by FRC (in French), and take our interactive quiz.
Maybe your score will surprise you ?


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