Navixia becomes a Thinkst Canary Partner

Navixia News

Navixia is happy to propose the Thinkst Canary breach detection solution.

Most companies find out (far) too late that they have been breached. Yet there is an efficient way to know about breach attempts whenever they occur.

Attackers prowling a target network look for juicy content. They browse Active Directory for file servers and explore file shares looking for documents, try default passwords against network devices and web services, and scan for open services across the network.

Thinkst Canary is a simple, efficient and cost-effective solution which can be deployed in under 3 minutes. It acts as a honeypot in the background since the services on offer are designed to solicit further investigation from the hacker. Canary will notify you immediately whenever it detects any signal betraying a breach, such as an attempt at brute force or the opening of specific files.

We are happy to propose this efficient solution to our customers in Switzerland.


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