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The widespread use of both the internet and social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc... by organisations and employees alike may expose information that puts corporate security at risk. The good news is, however, that very efficient tools make it possible to control and manage such online exposure.

Online visibility is important to any organisation. However, they must be able to closely monitor whatever information is available about them online, as the slightest clues may prove invaluable for hackers who plan to attack the corporate IT infrastructure. Any technical information, any personal detail about an employee, may open the door to highly efficient, targeted social engineering. The rule is simple: the more info about a company one finds on the internet, the more its infrastructure is potentially at risk, as is explained in our blog post "Footprints on the internet".

Very efficient tools are available to check what information is really available online. They search and analyse automatically any footprints left on the internet by organisations, brands, product names of individuals. They can detect employee email addresses, phone numbers that could be associated to them... Starting from a company name, they can also try to reconstruct details about its technical infrastructure (DNS servers, web servers, mail servers, service provider...)

Navixia can propose high quality technical solutions that will help you control your online visibility.

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