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We are proud to announce that DiagnoPhish, our Swiss IT security awareness platform, has just topped the milestone of 160'000 customer interactions since its creation.

This is proof that our training tool, launched in 2014 and completely redesigned in 2020, really answers the needs of organisations.

We created DiagnoPhish to help protect organisations at large from recurring risks we keep observing when carrying out security projects such as audits.

Either with our assistance or by themselves, our customers rely on DiagnoPhish to train their users to resist attacks, using videos, phishing simulations and interactive quizzes about sensitive security topics. The training material is available in English, German and French, and adapted to desktop or mobile device format.

This approach allows IT users to quickly and significantly improve their resistance to attacks. We are pleased with this success, which enables us to provide useful support to organisations, particularly at a time when remote work is generalised, which increases the need for protection.

More info

  • How it works: Training approach
  • The DiagnoPhish site: (where you can open a free test account)
  • Sample of IT security quiz: "Is there a risk?"

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