Alsid & Navixia sign partnership agreement

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Navixia and Alsid sign a partnership agreement for the Swiss market

Navixia is pleased to announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with French security specialist Alsid. This collaboration means to provide a comprehensive security approach to answer the corporate requirements of security-aware organisations such as financial institutions.

Alsid is an innovative company which designs cyberdefense solutions to help organisations secure their Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure, a core element in their IT security posture. Navixia is happy to add Alsid's DSC solution to its portfolio, and so allow companies to detect and remediate vulnerabilities related to this essential part of their security.

Through its partnership with Navixia, Alsid answers the requirements of Swiss users and particularly a growing demand from financial institutions, who happen to be the primary victims of cyberattacks worldwide. Navixia's portfolio will from now on include Alsid's solution which is designed to detect and remediate security vulnerabilities related to Microsoft Active Directory. This often underestimated component is a core element of corporate security and therefore a target favored by attackers.

Alsid's solution provides a full visibility of all significant events that may occur within directory infrastructures. It proposes contextualised remediation plans to efficiently support internal security teams. It also gets constantly updated with the latest attack scenarios, thus allowing users to stay attuned to continually evolving threats.

More about Alsid here.


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